What Is Car Servicing? What is Included?

car servicing

You got a car doesn’t mean it will remain intact always. Caring for your car is one of the most essential step you can consider. Infact make it a habit to go for car servicing after every 10,000 kilo meters.

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In this guide, All Aspects Motors is providing you details regarding what is car servicing and what comes in car servicing. Stick to the below mentioned details and educate yourself.

What is Car Servicing or Car Maintenance?

Car servicing encompasses the regular care, check, and diagnostics of an automobile. This process can be only allowed to professional and certified mechanics or technicians like from All Aspects Motors. The aim of car servicing is to confirm the vehicle’s safe, dependable, and efficient working state. This entails a planned sequence of inspections, adjustments, and replacements.

Generally this car maintenance includes the list of:

  • Engine Oil Change
  • Filter Replacements
  • Fluid Checks
  • Brake Assessment
  • Tire Alignment
  • Battery Inspection
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Suspension and Steering Inspection
  • Lights and Electrical Systems
  • Wipers, Horns, Seatbelts & Windshield Checks
  • Exhaust System Review
  • Engine Diagnostic Evaluations

The extent of car maintenance may fluctuate, contingent on whether it is a minor maintenance service (involving routine upkeep) or a major maintenance service (encompassing more exhaustive assessments and upkeep).

Car Servicing in Australia

A standard car service in Australia includes a number of maintenance and inspection procedures designed to keep your vehicle in top working order. The specific services and examinations may differ depending on whether it is a minor or major service, the make and model of your vehicle, and the service provider’s offerings.

Car Maintenance Services in Australia Contains:

Service Type


Oil Change

This considers draining used engine oil and replacing it with fresh oil, along with changing the oil filter.

Filter Replacements

Inspecting and either replacing or cleaning air filters, fuel filters, and cabin air filters as necessary.

Fluid Checks

Goes for evaluating various fluids, such as coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid, with topping up or replacement as needed.

Brake Inspection

Assessment of the entire braking system, including brake pads, brake discs (rotors), and brake lines.

Tire Inspection

This service involves examining tire wear and condition, including tread depth, tire pressure, and alignment. Potential tire rotation may be performed as required.

Battery Check

This includes testing the car’s battery to ensure it retains a charge and is functioning correctly.

Spark Plug

Scheduled replacement of spark plugs to maintain engine performance.

Suspension and Steering

Examination of suspension system, including shocks, struts, and steering components, to detect wear and damage.

Lights and Electrical Systems

Inspect all exterior and interior lights and evaluate of the electrical system for any operational issue.

Safety Checks

Check features like seatbelts, horns, wipers, and other elements

Exhaust System Inspection

Checking for leaks or damage in the exhaust system.

Engine Diagnostic Checks

Exploring vehicle’s computer system for diagnosing and addressing potential issues.

Car Service Categories in Australia:



Recommended Interval

Minor Service

Routine maintenance, including essential and quick checks.

10,000 to 15,000 kilometers

Major Service

More extensive car service, focusing on all components of a minor service and additional thorough checks.

30,000 to 45,000 kilometers

The frequency of car servicing hinges on factors like your vehicle’s make, model, age, and the manufacturer’s directives. Consulting your car’s owner’s manual or your chosen service provider is crucial for specific guidance on the contents of your car service and its recommended frequency.

What Includes In A Minor Car Service In Australia?

In Australia, minor car services are typically carried out every 10,000 kilometers or annually, depending on condition. These services are highly dependable to the manufacturer’s specifications for inspection. Different manufacturers may have varying requirements for each kinda car servicing.

As a general guideline, when your car is regularly maintained and in optimal condition, a minor car service typically takes around 1 to 2 hours. These services are usually cost-effective, with the primary focus being on identifying early signs of faults to prevent costly repairs.

A minor car service typically includes:

  • Vehicle inspection and diagnostic checks
  • Draining and replacing engine oil and filters
  • Top-up, flush, or change other fluids as needed, such as clutch, transmission, power steering, brakes, and engine coolant.
  • Lead and spark plug inspection, which provides information about the engine’s condition
  • Check the fuel filter, belts and hoses, exhaust, transmission, and tyres.
  • Testing the air conditioning system
  • Testing the steering and suspension
  • Battery testing to ensure it holds a charge
  • Inspection of lights
  • Checking air, fuel, and pollen filters

What Includes In A Major Car Service In Australia?

A major car service is conducted less frequently and involves a more in-depth car inspection, covering all the aspects mentioned above. Additionally, a major service may include extra car servicing tasks again highly based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In general, when your car is regularly serviced and in top condition, a major car service usually takes between 2 and 4 hours. Depending on the specific major service required for your car, additional servicing tasks may encompass a full replacement of all fluids, changing certain components that have reached their recommended lifespan (e.g., filters, engine belts, hoses, spark plugs, wheel bearings, etc.), or comprehensive car servicing of specific systems (e.g., the air conditioning system).

Go for major car services around 30,000 to 45,000 kilometers, depending on driving habit and manufacturer’s guide.

How Often Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

The frequency of car servicing can vary, as different vehicle manufacturers recommend different intervals for servicing. Many modern cars are equipped with onboard computers that provide guidance on when to schedule a service.

We strongly suggest more cost-effective car service schedule every 10,000-15,000 kilometers or annually, for both automatic and manual transmissions. This approach allows for regular monitoring of essential components such as the transmission, power steering, cooling system, and differential to address potential issues before they lead to significant expenses.

If your car is older than five years or has accumulated a high mileage, it is a good idea to consider increasing the servicing frequency to every six months. This is particularly important if you frequently tow heavy loads or plan to do so. Similarly, if you cover extensive distances on a weekly basis, more frequent check-ups may be necessary.


Car servicing is an essential step to be considered if your half of the daily needs you to drive. For both human and car safety, it is vital to go for both minor and major car maintenance levels. Minor vehicle maintenance checklist typically has stuff like changing engine oil, inspecting air, oil & fuel filters, evaluation of brakes, fluids, belts and hoses. You can touch the tyres for puncture and alignment, test battery or engine etc.

On the other hand major car servicing contains comprehensive diagnostics and treatment like over car condition, noises, inner interior of car’s engine and complete lights inspection. It also deals with air conditioning, spark plugs, steering components, coolant and transmission issues etc.

For detailed inspection with free consultancy regarding your car issues, All Aspects Motors is your trusted partner.

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